Back to the Gym and Feeling Awesome – a Mishmash Post!

Well friends, I am so happy to tell you that I am finally feeling well enough to get back to the gym. No, scratch that, I am feeling amazing! Between the treatment that my doctor gave me, and the complete change-up of my diet, I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. And that is exciting! So, this post is going to be a bit of a mishmash of things. One, I want to tell you about some of the things that are making me feel better, because even though I know my situation is somewhat unique, I am so sure that the lessons I am learning can help other people too! And, because it is so exciting to be back at the gym, I am also going to share a lower body workout with you.

Let’s start with what has been making me feel better – I’m not going to talk about the medication side of things because that is pretty self explanatory, but I’m going to talk about some of the other changes that I have been making that have made a HUGE difference in my recovery, but also in my life in general. Remember when I said that sometimes challenges are truly just opportunities? It has already proven so true for me in this situation.

So what are these big changes?

There is the obvious diet overhaul. This has made a huge difference in how I’m feeling. For the past three weeks I have been on an ‘elimination diet’ – for those of you who don’t know, this is just a very basic diet that contains only food that I know doesn’t hurt me (coincidentally, for me, this looks a lot like a modified Paleo approach). After 30 days, I can start adding in foods gradually to determine which foods my body can and cannot tolerate. I honestly do not feel rushed at all to start adding foods back in – I am feeling so strong and nourished right now that I haven’t even been missing other foods.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Now, this leads me to the other things that I have been changing in my life. This is not the first time that I have made changes to my diet, or tried to change my lifestyle. But, this is the first time it has felt easy, and balanced. The reason it seems so different this time is because all of the changes I am making have come from a place of self-love. This has been a long journey for me. In the past I would try to make changes that were motivated by something I didn’t like or accept about myself, and this time, I decided to make changes because I love myself as I am, and want to help myself feel even better. I know this is not the first time I’ve talked about it, but I cannot express just how important self-love and self-compassion truly are. When you decide to make a change in your life, doing it out of self-love makes it so much easier, and it helps make sure that you are making the changes for the right reasons! I could talk about this all day, but I did promise you a workout, so I will continue this rant in a future post!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

As promised, here is the workout:

  • 3 x 10-12 squats
  • 3 x 10-12 deadlifts
  • 3 x 10-12 walking lunges with hand weights
  • 3 x 10-12 standing calf raises
  • 3 x 20 sumo touches (sit into sumo squat with a hand weight in each hand and alternate touching the floor behind each heel with your weights)
  • 3 x 10-12 seated leg extensions

I felt like Bambi learning to walk after this workout – it’s a good one! Give it a try!

Until next time,


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