Highlights of the Week – Feb 1

Happy February 1st! I cannot believe we are already into February – where has the time gone?! I feel like it was just Christmas and then I blinked and it’s suddenly February!

Well, February or not, it’s also Sunday…so here comes another weekly highlights post!

I have to say, despite a hilariously off day early this week (where I was late for work, forgot my work-appropriate shoes, wore my shirt inside out at the gym, and then found myself completely lost on the way to a new hairdresser’s), the rest of the week was great! There was definitely no shortage of highlights this week!

  1. Finding the perfect breakfast ‘fry’ recipe:

Plantain fries

I won’t go on and on about the plantain fries that I made, because I already wrote a whole post about it, but I couldn’t help but include the recipe discovery in my highlights for this week because they really were that delicious!

  1. Some great finds for my upcoming trip to Cuba

Cuba FInds

Cam and I have been planning our honeymoon since we got married in October, and I can’t believe that it’s almost here (we leave on Sunday – yay)!

This week I realized how close the trip is getting and I decided to pick up a couple of things. I found the perfect floppy sunhat, and sunglasses (at Aerie of all places…), and the cutest sandals at my favourite shoe store in Peterborough (S.O.S for those of you who live in Peterborough – if you haven’t been you should check it out). I also started packing for Cuba and I’m getting even more excited – Sunday cannot come fast enough!

  1. Going to a beautiful wedding

Cute Wedding

SamandNikki - Wedding

Nikki and I at the wedding

This weekend my cousin got married, and we were lucky enough to get to go her wedding. I have been so excited to see these two awesome people get married, and their wedding was fittingly perfect. Nikki, Cam, my parents and I had a great time!

  1. Getting to spend a weekend with Cam

wedding fun

My cousin’s wedding was doubly exciting for Cam and I, because it meant that Cam got to take the weekend off of work. This was the first weekend that Cam and I had together since our wedding; it was wonderful! It made me even more excited for our whole week together in Cuba!

Happy Sunday friends!

Until next time,



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