Highlights of the Week

This week has been crazy, jam-packed, busy! And who am I kidding, I absolutely love it!

Since this week was such a whirlwind, I thought I would do a post on some of the highlights of the week.

#1: Sushi date with Cam


Cam and I love sushi and since we knew we had a super busy week coming up, we decided it would be nice to spend some time together before I had to leave, so what better to do than to go for a sushi date?? We enjoyed every bite of our sushi and left with happy tummies.

#2: Beautiful breakfasts


Breakfast is quickly becoming one of my favourite meals of the day and I am loving having a bowl of hot oatmeal in the morning with fresh fruit on top. Yum!

#3: Driving a Fiat


My Mom and I were both totally captivated by the Fiat commercials and we have wanted to try driving one ever since, and this week I just happened to be lucky enough to get the chance. It was fun, and there were definitely more features than the little car that I’m used to driving (hello automatic windows… yes my regular car has manual windows). I especially enjoyed driving a car with a working radio. Since the latest little fiasco with our own car, our radio no longer works; needless to say, I spent my entire drive in the Fiat singing along with the radio…at the top of my lungs. I was just a little bit sad that my Fiat fun was temporary.

#4: Learning a lot about leadership

Part of the reason this week was so busy was because I was away for work at a session on Leadership. It was such a privilege to be able to attend the session. I learned so much, and weeks like this make me feel so lucky to get paid to do something that I love!

#5: Coming home to my wonderful husband, Ellie, and my own bed (and a clean apartment!)

As much as I loved my time away at the session, it was so nice to come home. As if it wasn’t enough to come home and see Cam and Ellie, and sleep in my own bed again, I got the added surprise of coming home to a sparkling clean apartment! Cam even tackled my crazy messy dressing room (huge kudos for that one!).

This week I will be getting back into my normal routine, and maybe even trying out a new recipe or two…more to come on that!

Happy Sunday friends!

Until next time,



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