Tales of Our Crazy Little Puppy

Well friends, I have sadly been out of commission for the past week due to the flu (or the craziest cold I’ve ever had…).

Anyways, now that I am finally starting to feel better I am ready to write to all of you again!

As I sit here writing this blog post, our crazy little puppy is running around my feet chewing on her teether. Yes, my friends, we have a teething puppy on our hands. And let me tell you, a teething puppy is not the same as your normal puppy! Later today we will be taking Ellie to the next set of training classes. We’ve completed the puppy classes and are now on to the “intermediate” classes. So, I thought I would tell you the story about how Eliie “passed” the puppy classes; because, who doesn’t want a good laugh on a Saturday afternoon? This blog is about exploring the little sources of joy, and I’d say humour is a pretty good source.


Ellie is a pretty hyper and happy puppy, but despite her crazy energy she did really well in her puppy classes. She got all of the commands pretty darn quickly, she was able to focus when she needed to, and we were pretty happy with all of her progress….that is until the very last class (the class where they test everything we’ve learned). So here’s what happened: our little Ellie started teething like crazy and losing her baby teeth on the day of the last class. Thanks Mother Nature for that timing…

The week leading up to the last class, Ellie had been especially good, and she was getting every single command we practiced. I was feeling confident going in to our final class, thinking that with all of our practice Ellie would surely ace everything. Boy, was I wrong. That morning when Ellie started teething, I swore that someone swapped our adorable, eager-to-please little puppy in the middle of the night for this crazy, biting, barking, mad dog. This insane puppy of ours forgot every single command that day; she ran at me when I told her to “stay”, she went into play-mode when I told her to “lay down”, blissfully unaware that I was giving her a command, and in our “leave it” command obstacle course she ate every single cookie and took every single toy (and we’re talking about at least 10 cookies and 10 dog toys here).

Picture this: an obstacle course of puppy toys and cookies strewn on either side of a store aisle, and I’m walking this puppy down the aisle saying “leave it” as we pass each toy and cookie, and what does she do? She grabs EVERY SINGLE ONE on the way. She would look up at me with those adorable huge brown eyes and then grab all the cookies and toys her little mouth could hold! And when I say “grabbed”, I really mean “lunged”. She lunged for those cookies like she had never been fed before and gobbled them up instantly! I believe we just about baffled our instructor, who happened to pass us anyway because she said that she knew Ellie had all the commands down the week before (aka she took pity on us and wanted that crazy dog out of there!).

So now, we have a little certificate with Ellie’s name on it for passing puppy training, and while I never thought I would ever keep something so silly, Cam and I put that certificate on our fridge, just to give us a good laugh every time we go by it.

So, now we’re off to our “intermediate classes”; the more advanced classes that we “earned” spot in. I’m sure we will have more stories from those too.


That’s all for today. I hope my story gave you a little chuckle.

Have a great weekend!



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