Top 3 Teas: as told by a self-proclaimed tea addict!

Good morning!

I hope you’re all staying nice and warm! It’s a frosty -32 here in Peterborough, and I know we’re not alone in this cold, so stay warm and safe wherever you are!

With what feels like the sudden arrival of this crazy Canadian winter, I’ve elected to try and stay warm by drinking even more tea than usual, so it seems appropriate to write a post about some of the teas that have been my favourites lately. I’ve picked three to talk about today: Apple Custard, Yogi Berry, and Forever Nuts.

Apple Custard:


I was so excited to get this baby for Christmas and I knew as soon as I smelled it that I would love it. Cam and I cracked it open for our movie night last week and a day later we had already finished it off – yes it’s that good. It has a really nice fruity flavor, and a subtle hint of vanilla. The vanilla totally makes this tea; it tastes smooth and creamy (everything you’d hope for in an apple custard tea).

Yogi Berry:


Yesterday I read that this tea was the “tea of the month”: the result? I dragged Cam to the mall with me right after work to try it – it did not disappoint! We both loved this one. It was light and fruity (hello, strawberries), with a hint of spice from the ginger and kombucha. It’s the perfect combination of fruity and spicy. Given the weather we had it hot, but I think it would be delicious iced as well.

Forever Nuts:

Blog Post 3 - Forever Nuts

This is definitely not a new tea, but I just keep coming back to it. It was the very first David’s Tea I ever tried. I was love at first sip and I’ve been drinking it ever since. It’s nice and light, and has a hint of sweetness, and an added bonus of no caffiene. The almond flavour perfectly balances the sweetness of the apple chunks. I actually love this tea so much that I keep a stash at home and in my desk at work.

So there you have it – my favourite teas of the moment (and a little glimpse at just how obsessed I am with tea).

I’d love to hear from you – let me know what your favourite tea is!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!



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