Thoughts for A Great 2015

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Reflecting on areas I would like to work on in 2015, I found myself thinking about some of the lessons I’ve learned practicing yoga this year.

As a beginner to yoga, I’ve found that there are so many little pearls of wisdom in each practice, but one of the things that we talk about at yoga that really resonated with me is the concept of “letting go of what no longer serves you”. Most of the classes at my studio begin with letting go of our day and being present, and I have found this practice challenging, but so rewarding. Let’s be honest, getting into “yoga-mode” at the end of the day can be hard – but totally worth it!

So, what do I mean when I talk about “letting go” and “being present”?

I have found that when I’m truly mindful, it’s often the little day-to-day annoyances that I really need to let go. An example that I’m sure many people can relate to is the anger you feel when you’re driving and something out of your control happens; like another driver cuts you off. The driver is long gone within a few moments, but the emotion that you feel as a result of the incident remains and you are the one left to deal with your anger. So why waste time and energy on something that will not serve you? My answer: don’t! I know…easier said than done, but holding on to feelings like anger, self-doubt, or guilt can weigh us down and stop us from being able to fully enjoy things.

When we let go of what no longer serves us, we make room for things that do; more room for positive thoughts that will guide the rest of our day and breed more positive thoughts, and more room to enjoy the moment and truly be present.

Anyways, now that I have shared some of my own reflections, I’ll get off my soapbox and let you share some of yours!

Have a great night everyone!



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